Treat Yo Self

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What's the occasion?

Her "hustle" tank is out of gas. All the Pinterest mantras in the world can't get this Girl Boss out of her slump and back on track. We all need breaks now and then to rest, recharge and get ready to face another day. She refuses to take a break but you can tell she's burnt out. Looks like the perfect time to send a Treat Yo' Self box her way! She'll be so happy for a break from the real world, even if it's only for an afternoon. Absolutely acceptable to buy this for yourself too ;) you work hard! You've earned it!

What's included?
  • The perfect pink grl pwr mug, a cute bar of soap, gourmet chocolate bar, face mask and a bath bomb to help her relax!
  • Products may vary a bit based on availability. But don't worry, if we have to swap out an item we promise the it will be just as good!
The note inside:

Life can be fast and stressful, but you're too cute to be stressed! It's time for you to let your hair down and put your feet up. Take some time to pamper yourself and just chill out. The world can wait another day, pinky promise! Love you!

XOXO, your name here

The details:
  • In the comments section when you checkout, we will need you to include the name/names of the person the box is FROM. That way we can fill in your name on the card!
  • Give us HER shipping address at checkout and use YOURS in the billing section! Simple as that! 
  • Want to add something else to the box?! We can absolutely customize these for you! Just send us a quick note on our contact page and we'll start building the custom box for you!

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