Too Good For Him Anyway

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What's the occasion?

Her heart has been broken! She needs a girl's night ASAP. But you can't be there. So who's going to participate in binge eating chocolate, while watching sappy movies and hating on the male human race with her? This box might just do the trick in your place! Heartbreaks hurt, but at least she doesn't have to hurt alone! 

What's included?
  • A motivational cup, cocktail mixer, bath bomb, "ovaries before brovaries" sticker, magnet, a chocolate cake she can bake when she wants it and a bit of love on this otherwise dreary occasion!
  • Choose between cake in a can or a chocolate bar! Just let us know in the comments! You can also select the chicks before pricks mug in place of the cup. Choice of Ryan Gosling, Kim K or Drake magnet.
  • Products may vary a bit based on availability. But don't worry, if we have to swap out an item we promise the it will be just as good!
The note inside:

He broke your heart....I'll break his face! Just kidding, but seriously, you're too good for him anyway, and I got you this present to prove it. Put on some lipstick, play some girl jams and get back out there! Boys come and go, but I'll be here forever. Love you!

XOXO, your name here

The details:
  • In the comments section when you checkout, we will need you to include the name/names of the person the box is FROM. That way we can fill in your name on the card!
  • Give us HER shipping address at checkout and use YOURS in the billing section! Simple as that! 
  • Want to add something else to the box?! We can absolutely customize these for you! Just send us a quick note on our contact page and we'll start building the custom box for you!

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