Holiday Gift Guide: The Organizer

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We already know your organized friend has finished all her Christmas shopping. That girl has it all together! We can't all be as prepared as she is. . . so if you are still looking for a gift for your Type A friend, we have the perfect ideas. Give her a wall print that says "give it all you got." She always does. Ever wonder how she never forgets a birthday? It's because she writes them down in snazzy calendars like our Alice in Wonderland one. Pick up a gift that will feed her obsession with perfection! 

Keep it simple and snazzy with this jeweled sweater. We can already see it hanging in her color coded closet! 

Come in to the store and grab these gifts. You can check Christmas shopping off your to do list. Your organized friend would be proud! 

Alice in wonderland calendar $26

Creative block book $29.95

Fox ring dish $18 

Casa Pacifica Candle $20 

Bracelets $44-$68

Fox letter holder $24

Give it all you got art print $30

Kate spade agenda $36

Girls rule mug $16

Back me up charger $18

iPhone 6 case $36

To do list pad $14

Jeweled top $72


Keep dreaming, 

-xo The Rodéo Girls 

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Holiday Gift Guide: The Fashionista

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You probably have that one friend who out dresses everyone. You thought you looked cute, but she looks cuter. . . always. There's no point in getting her a subscription to a fashion magazine for Christmas. She already has them all. Go for the gold with your fashionista friend. Get her a gold canister to put these jewels in or a gold Voluspa candle. Can't go wrong with accessories for your fashion forward friend. We know she will love these gifts because our fashionista shop girls sure do. 

Your fashionista friend would probably describe these sunglasses as "fabulous!"

These gifts are selling quickly so come get them while they last! 

Dior book set- $75 

String of Luck- $28 

Stone wrap bracelet- $56 

What On Earth Are You Wearing book- $18.95 

Antler jewelry holder- $40 

Quay sunglasses- $48 

Black and gold purse- $80 

Black top- $114 

Black shorts- $118 

Necklace- $74

Bracelets- $60 

Cow skin koozie- $22 

Fortune Telling Book of Dreams- $9.95 

Gold porcelain canister- $40 

11 oz Voluspa candle- $28 


Keep dreaming 

-xo The Rodéo Girls 


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Holiday Gift Guide: The Explorer

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We all have that friend who always has a new trip around the corner. The one with a ton of airline miles and a million cool stories. She can be hard to shop for because she always comes back with awesome souvenirs from her latest adventure. But we can make your Christmas shopping a little easier this year because we have the perfect gifts for her! Give her a Swell water bottle or floral passport case to use on her next trip. She will look like the experienced explorer she is with any of these gifts. 

Knowing your explorer friend. . . she would love to post an Instagram with her travel accessories. They're too cute not to flaunt! 

Socks- $28

Knit hat- $58 

Leather jacket- $104 

Quay Sunglasses- $48 

Coin necklace- $32 

Volkswagen tray- $18

Travel candle- $13 

Matches- $10 

Sunshine book- $9.95 

Floral passport case- $24 

Power Trip set (charging cord)-$32 

Fortune Favors the Brave book- $14.95 

Roadmap book- $19.95

Come into the store to grab these gifts! Our gift wrapping options are almost as cute as the gifts themselves.

Keep dreaming, 

-xo The Rodéo Girls 


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A Rodéo Girl's Guide to Throwing a Killer Party

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No one celebrates a birthday like Rodéo does! On November 5th friends and family joined us to celebrate Rodéo's 10th Birthday and make a big announcement. She's growing up so fast! We turned the store into a funky party venue with a DJ, cocktail bar, food tables and lots of glitter. Guests sipped cocktails as they shopped and laughed. A few customers commented on shopping and drinking being a deadly combo, but there were no complaints when they left the store with full purple bags! Customers expressed their thanks and congratulations to Shanna for creating a store with such distinct character and excellent inventory.

The night was such a hit that we wanted to share our secret formula for throwing a killer party with YOU!

1. It's hard to party on an empty stomach. That's why we had Gourmet Girls cater our party. 10 years in business calls for splurging! Whether you're hitting up Pinterest for recipes or getting your event catered, your food must be delicious looking and tasting! It's the little details that make your food a topic of conversation instead of just what you're shoving in your mouth between conversations. The gold leaf on our birthday cake and hand-painted macaroons stole the show!  

2. Bring back the old school party accessories! Party hats and party horns aren't just for little kid's parties anymore. And of course...glitter! Not only does it make for a great photo op, but you'll find that guests get just as excited for these accessories as little kids do. We never really grow up! Come into the store to find a great selection of confetti, balloons, party hats and banners.

3. Cater your bar to the season. With cold weather approaching we decided to whip up a Spiced Apple Cocktail and Cranberry Spritzer. It was hard to pass on refills with these delicious cocktails. Don't forget the essentials though- always have beer and wine on hand for the old souls. It is easy to make your bar a center piece with fun straws, banners and innovative displays (like our pears).

4. Pick an unexpected decoration to steal the show. Brandee Sandusky (remember her from pumpkin painting?) helped us with some amazing chalk art in front of the store. It grabbed our guest's attention from the moment they walked in. Not to mention, it appeared in many SnapChat stories that night! 

5. It's all about who you invite. At the end of the day we had such a spectacular night because everyone we loved was in one place. Believe it or not, your guest list is more important than your playlist. With a fun crowd, all the details will fade into the background. 

Many old Rodéo Girls joined us to celebrate. Once a Rodéo Girl, always a Rodéo Girl! 

6. Always have a surprise in store! It can be anything from whipping out old pictures to bringing out an unexpected guest. For our surprise we made a big Spring 2016 we will be launching Rodéo Online!!! If you moved away or you're just an avid online shopper, you will be able to shop Rodéo from the comfort of your home. We can't think of a better birthday present! Head to to sign up for more details! 

Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate with us! You made our night so special! We are unbelievably grateful for all of the support from you, our customers! We cannot wait for the adventures to come with our online store...stay tuned! 

Keep Dreaming, 

-xo The Rodéo Girls


Photography by Julep Studio

Catering by Gourmet Girls

Chalk Art by Brandee Sandusky

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Pumpkin Pickin'

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Hello October! We are so so so happy you have arrived, for you bring all of our favorite things. Cooler temperatures, falling leaves, pumpkins, cozy sweaters and pie. Lots and lots of pie. This morning we set off in search of a few pumpkins to bring home. Nothing says "hello fall" more than pumpkins on your doorstep. 

We absolutely love pumpkins of all shapes and sizes. We think it's best to grab a few of each and then mix and match them. If you are looking for us, we will be figuring out how we want to start decorating them! Carving? Painting? We'll let you know once we decide. 

We hope you have a lovely first day of October. And best of luck on your pumpkin hunting endeavors. 

As always, everything you see is available for purchase at either of our locations :)

Keep dreaming...

-xo The Rodéo Girls

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